• Kylie Garces


So you hear people talking about home schooling and think hmmm "I don't think I could do that"! But wait a second, Why? It seems people have a miss conception that home schooling is for a certain type of person. That home school parents must be some sort of saint parent who has all the patience in the world and never gets frustrated and is a perfect parent, partner, teacher, cook, cleaner etc etc.

But guess what?

We are normal everyday parents with all the pressures of parenting, teaching and the chaos that goes along with it. Guess what you very well could home school but at the end of the day its a choice, like sending your child to a public school or a private school. We all have choices, there is no such thing as the right way to school and the wrong way, it's what's right for each child and guess what we are lucky enough to have several options.

On the other side of the coin there are the home schooler parents that think they need to show everyone that they can meet that expectation of being the perfect parent, teacher, partner. The ones that put the pressure on themselves hoping there doing enough for their kids and hoping not to be judged by others even within the home school community.

We all at the end of the day are doing the best we can for our kids and that is the most important thing, weather you send your kids to school because it's the only way you can make ends meet or your child might love school and absolutely thrive in the environment, or they don't so you home school. We are all parents with one major thing in common the best for our child, so give yourself a pat on the back no matter what schooling you choose. You're doing your best, well done! But please remember don't judge others for their choice, praise each other. Educate our kids not to judge, whether it's a different type of schooling, clothes they wear, hair cut they have. If we can encourage acceptance and diversity, what a lot of pressure we will take off the next generation.

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